Marissa Mayer goes headfirst off the Glass Cliff

According to Gizmodo "Sad Yahoo Sales Confirms that Marissa Mayer Failed", to me, it just confirms the theory of the "Glass Cliff", we all know about the glass ceiling, but the glass cliff is just as dangerous.

When Mayer joined Yahoo it was already struggling and she tried valiantly to save it.  I don't know if a different CEO could have done better.  But I do know that the sale of the company doesn't represent her personal failure.

In an industry where people are encouraged to "fail fast", Yahoo failed at an excruciatingly slow pace. It dragged out partially because she worked for 4 years to try and revamp a company that probably should have been sold a decade ago. 

She's personally leaving with a golden parachute, so financially she is fine but one has to wonder what this will do to the future of her career.  Will she have the same doors open to her as when she was the Google superstar?  

This is a lesson to women- if your entree into the C-suite is on the deck of a sinking ship, it might be wise to pass.  I've been brought in to the head of two different organizations to try and "turn things around" and both times I failed to do so.  I was fired both times, and both times the person after me also "failed".

Neither of those experiences really defined my career but it did show me that when it comes to companies, it's not really a good position to be brought in as a shining star that will turn everything around.  It is a recipe for disaster most of the time. I suppose that since I was pushed off of the glass cliff myself, then I can empathize.

  So Cheers Marissa!  Good for you, you gave it everything you had and I personally look forward to what you will be doing next.

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